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Directional Drilling Services

John M. Phillips Directional Drilling Services combine quality drilling equipment, premium software, and experienced drillers to provide a full range of drilling solutions that are safe, reliable, and cost effective.

Our team has successfully drilled in a wide variety of environments including oil, gas, mining and geothermal.


John M. Phillips Fishing Services provides a full line of cased-hole, open-hole and thru-tubing downhole fishing tools that are expertly applied at the well site by knowledgeable fishing tool supervisors that are among the best in the business. Fishing Services’ personnel have more than 20 years of advanced fishing experience, ensuring customers will receive the best tools, equipment, and service in the industry.

JMP  services
JMP  services

WhipStock Services

John M. Phillips Single Trip WhipStock Service is available for casing exits up to 16-inch OD casing and may be ordered with mechanical or hydraulic set option. This WhipStock service features integral blade mills with advanced carbide inserts designed to exit single or dual string programs in one trip and may be retrieved if necessary

Survey Services

John M. Phillips Directional Survey Services provides the latest innovations in gyro surveying technology. We provide services for Oil and Gas, Mining, Geotechnical, Geothermal and Civil Engineering. Success in these highly competitive drilling markets depends on always moving in the right direction. Drilling operations have countless constantly moving parts, making unbroken efficiency a priority for every team. Incorporating new technology is not just a benefit – it is a necessity

JMP  services
JMP  services

Workover and ThruTubing Services

John M. Phillips Workover Services team solves customer challenges ranging from routine to highly complex. Our Workover service package includes a full line of thru-tubing tools, fishing tool, milling tools, pumps, mud tanks, power swivels, casing, and tubing handling accessories and more.

Underreaming Services

John M. Phillips Underreaming Services provides a full line of Underreaming tools for borehole enlargement. JMP uses field tested and proven fixed cutter and retractable arm tools that are fitted with TCI or milled tooth cutters depending on formation composition. JMP provides Tool body sizes ranging from 4-3/4 OD capable of enlargement to 9-1/2 inches and a 22” OD body to enlarge wellbore to 40”

JMP  services
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